Before proceeding, please be aware that any misuse of the following codes will result in disqualification of entry, and the potential to be barred from future exhibitions.

TWSA Life Members proceed to the CaFE registration website, using the entry code TWSA4Life.

Paid New and Renewed TWSA Members proceed to the CaFE registration website, using the entry code 40offTWSA.

Unpaid New and Renewing TWSA members, proceed to the CaFE registration website, where upon paying the full entry fee (50$ for 1 image, 55$ for 2), you will have your membership enstated or renewed.

Important : You must register an account for the CallForEntry website, before being able to register for the 2016 Exhibition. This can be done by clicking here.

Click Here to Register for the 2016 Exhibition


Once you have signed into your account, no invitational passcode is required.

Click on 'Apply to Call' in the green strip area near the top of the screen.

Either enter Transparent Watercolor Society of America in the search box OR scroll down through the calls to find the call. (About 15 down) Apply to this call.

Once you get to the Application Page, after answering all the questions, and making certain all is correct, 'Save Application'.

The next step is CaFe Checkout. Click on the $box charge, and continue by hitting recalculate.

If you will be using a COUPON CODE, enter it into the coupon code box and click on recalculate.

Your coupon credit will show, continue to press recalculate as you go through to the final confirmation page.


When entering the exhibition of CaFe: PLEASE click on the $payment box and move forward into checkout. You will enter your LIFE coupon code on the next page, press recalculate and your total will recalculate to $0.00.

We monitor the use of COUPON CODES and will disqualify anyone using a COUPON inappropriately.

We thank you and GOOD LUCK!!

Our awards funds are supported by those who donate to our organization.

We would like to have some fun and give out vintage catalogs, or even this years if you’d prefer, as a thank you for your donation.

Simply include your mailing address when you make your donation. If you have a preference on the year of the catalog, and we have it available, we will send it to you, just jot your preference in the notes field before the donation goes through. Otherwise, we will surprise you with a randomly chosen catalog.

Together our award funds will continue to expand so we can recognize and support those artists who inspire us all to the next level.

Thank you for donating, and be sure to save your receipt for tax time!

Transparent Watercolor Society of America's 39th Annual National Exhibition at Museum on the shore of Lake Michigan - June 2015

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Contact TWSA

General Info: TWSA
249 East U.S. Route 6 #209
Morris, Illinois 60450
President: Pat Rodell,
Apply for membership online or
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Exhibitions: Sheryl Coon, , 815.941.9555