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Lenox Wallace, TWSA Master

Email:lenox_paints@yahoo.com Website: www.lenoxwallace.com

I’m Lenox Wallace, I know, unusual first name. My mother was an Antique Dealer, loved Lenox China, and therefore my name. Born in Chicago, I went to NIU for a BA in Ed. and taught Art in a Public School for over 30 years. Teaching every Art subject in the curriculum from Early Childhood through 8th grade, watercolor painting is the one skill area that remains a delightful challenge to this day. After the first 15 years of teaching, I decided to sign up for a watercolor course. [Sometimes the only way to find the time (to paint) is to schedule it.] I took a summer class from Irving Shapiro, Teacher and President - American Academy of Art, Chicago. He was a great watercolorist, and better: a master teacher. He had an amazing ability to “nail” problem compositional areas and he phrased his criticisms with an astounding vocabulary, so each student could understand. I will always be grateful that I had 3 summers with him, before he retired. Grateful as well, that I was able to grasp most of his evaluative insights.

That was the early 80s. Since then, I received a Masters of Education and entered my work into major watercolor Exhibitions. I received my Midwest Watercolor Society signature (3 accepted juried entries to their annual Exhibiton), with my work appearing in several books (see below). I’ve been teaching adult watercolor classes, doing workshops, demos, Exhibition Jurying, and leading critiques ever since.

After retiring from the School District, I joined the Board of the TWSA (once the regional Midwest Watercolor Society) where I became a Master Status Signatory (10 accepted entries). I’ve served a term as Vice President and then President, and am still on the Board as Historian.

Watercolor is a difficult medium to master. Most watercolorists start out trying to recreate reality. But it’s only through practice (as any ball player will attest) that it becomes something more. More ‘loose’, less ‘tight’, more inspired, less labored, more fun and just as frustrating. I love pigment washing away. Those of you who enjoy the way watercolor paintings look; you’d be amazed to see it while it’s wet and moving! It’s tremendous!

Lenox’s work is represented in:

Watercolor Tips and Tricks (Robin Berry, Reader’s Digest)
Compendium of Watercolor Techniques (Search Press)
Watercolours in a Weekend (David and Charles)
Splash 3, Splash 5 (Northlight)

The Blue Dolphin Gallery, Ephraim, WI and Mullaly’s 128 Gallery, Elk Rapids, MI have exhibited her work for many years.