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Painting by Linda Christiansen

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Linda Christiansen

Email: lchristiansen@conservfs.com

Linda Christiansen has always had the heart of an artist but only more recently has she picked up the brush to paint in transparent watercolor. Although she had studied both art and architecture in school there had been gaps in her artistic expression. At the invitation of a close friend she took her first watercolor painting class taught by David J. Becker and fell in love with the medium. For Linda watercolor painting is a means, a way for her, to speak and the paintings are her voice. She feels that she can express in Watercolor that which she could not otherwise communicate. Painting translates the deep spiritual connection she feels with the Creator of the Universe into a language that others can better understand. It is the desire of her heart to primarily reflect an abiding love, acceptance and beauty to struggling humanity through her paintings. She especially enjoys sharing studio space and creative collaboration with her stained glass artesian husband Paul.