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Painting by Donna Jill Witty

Photo of Donna Jill Witty

Donna Jill Witty, TWSA Master

Email: donnajillwitty@mac.com
Website: www.donnajillwitty.com

Donna Jill Witty first served on the TWSA Board in the late 1990s when she took over as Signature Screening Chair. After “retiring” in 2009, she returned to the same position again in 2013. In addition to Signature Screening, she served 2 years as first Vice President, 2 years as President and currently holds the offices of President Emeritus, Exhibition Co-Chair and Signature Screening Chair.

Jill’s Education background includes the University of Florida and the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL. She exhibits her paintings in the US and abroad, teaches watercolor workshops, gives demos, juries exhibitions and paints as much as possible! She has published several magazine articles, book chapters and "how-to" demos. Her work has been featured in several books including 5 of the ”Splash” series. She holds Signature Master status in TWSA as well as Signature Status in the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, and Watercolor Honor Society.

“Travel is my passion,” she states, “and also my grandchildren……we have 12!” “They are a joy, an inspiration and Very Paintable!”