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Signature and Life Members

Master Watercolorists

Master Watercolorist status is indicated by "TWSA Master Status" and is achieved by acceptance into 10 or more Annual Juried Exhibitions, along with maintaining Signature status throughout that period. This highest of designations recognizes exceptional talent and dedication to the Society.

Signature Members

Signature Members receive their letters by acceptance into three Annual National Exhibitions. Letters are conferred after the third acceptance, and active membership is required for privlege of their use.

Life Members

Life members are valued long-term participants in the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. Funds from their individual bequests of $600 or more are deposited into the TWSA Long Range Fund. Interest income from this endowment funds the Society's highest annual award, the Skyledge. Life members are exempt from the annual dues requirement and receive all active member benefits indefinitely, including the right to submit work for jurying to the annual national exhibition.